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The best B2B video ads of 2024 (so far)

Another year, another crop of killer B2B ads. We've been scouring the digital airwaves to bring you our picks for the top B2B ads so far in 2024. From clever quips to eye-catching visuals, these spots are setting the bar high for B2B advertising - and making the rest of us jealous. Let's dive in!

Slack - The big meeting

This spot does a fantastic job of intertwining entertainment, features, and benefits (much more complicated than it looks!)

Plus, it has music, dancing, and lots of Easter egg jokes. Great job, Slack!

1Password - Protect your business from bad actors

Bringing back Tommy Wiseau, infamous director of The Room, for this ad about "bad actors" deserves a slow clap for its simple genius. 👏👏👏

The next time you think pop culture and B2B don't go together, think again!

Squarespace - Hello down there

Squarespace seems to make our list every year. They do such a great job at telling entertaining storiesto get their marketing message across.

Kudos to a relatively unknown director, Martin Scorsese, on a brilliant job with this one!

Teamwork.com - The client

Full disclosure, we made this spot. BUT...it has performed really well and even System1 tested it with some pretty amazing results.

This spot works because it speaks directly to a single audience and delivers a massive dose of empathy. Also, the ad doesn't come in until the very end.

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(PS: Have you seen a B2B ad that should be on this list? Email us at hello@umault.com)





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