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This web analytics platform took on Google — and got over 1 million views in a week

‍If you’re going to compete against Google, you better go big

Matomo is the leading Google Analytics alternative. They describe themselves as an ethical, GDPR-compliant web analytics tool. 

Matomo’s team saw our Last Of Us-esque GA4 parody, and hired us to create something similar. They wanted an ad with broad appeal that their audience could relate to (and genuinely want to watch).

Matomo’s marketing team knew they wanted to create a movie trailer parody. After some research, we came up with the idea to parody Oppenheimer. We knew it would be a blockbuster hit, which was good for universal appeal. Plus, the idea of a man blowing something up was almost too perfect for the story of Google blowing up Universal Analytics.

“Umault’s creativity, passion, and professionalism were impressive. This video has been appraised by the marketing & analytics community all over the world. It got over 1 million views in a week’s time on all digital channels.”

Noemie Benoit, CMO

[.c-title-rich-wrapper][.c-title-rich-portfolio]Over 1 million views in the first week, loads of engagement, and customers selling to prospects in the comments[.c-title-rich-portfolio][.c-title-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]Marketing and analytics professionals worldwide reshared and praised Matomo’s work, starting conversations about the product.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]And on LinkedIn, the video not only attracted comments about how on point the parody was, but also brought out tons of product love from existing Matomo customers.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]Nothing realy goes viral by itself — even if it looks that way. We always say that making a great ad is only half the work. Matomo’s team guaranteed this ad a win by knocking it out of the park with their distribution strategy. Matomo did a masterful job of responding to comments, turning comments into actions, and resharing and reposting viewer posts. They also worked with a paid media agency to amplify the impact of the ad.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]


[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]The parody ad was an instant hit, with over a million views in the first week.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]The month following the Googleheimer ad, Matomo’s website traffic increased 5.4%, reversing a downward trend the previous month. And their LinkedIn follower count almost tripled.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]The “secret” to getting tons of ROI from your next ad? Make a hit video people love.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

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50x increased engagement

“The voice of PremiumBeat.com” uses humor and character to strike a chord and significantly raise brand awareness

How an industry inside joke increased engagement 50x for PremiumBeat

Before this ad, PremiumBeat got an average of 23.4K clicks on their website. By the end of the year, clicks were up to 48.1k, up by 95%!

Imagine: you’re a professional video editor, working late into the night at your studio. As you stare at your multiple monitors, sip coffee, and plow through your latest project, you hear the whispered watermark “PremiumBeat.com” over and over in the background of your audio tracks.

We knew video editors were deeply familiar with the PremiumBeat.com audio watermark. So when it came to creating an awareness campaign for PremiumBeat.com, we created a backstory about Todd, the voiceover artist who manually records the watermark for each track.

When you really know your audience, you can pick just the right inside joke that strikes an emotional chord and makes them want to share it with all their friends.

[.c-title-rich-wrapper][.c-title-rich-portfolio]Brand characters are underutilized in B2B — but they work incredibly well[.c-title-rich-portfolio][.c-title-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]When you think of a brand character, you probably think of a B2C character, right? Captain Obvious from Hotels.com or Flo from Progressive might come to mind.B2B characters are less common. B2B brands tend to default to rational, boring, non-creative content because it’s safe. Characters are tricky to do effectively.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]But at the end of the day, brand characters connect emotionally with humans, and B2B customers are human, too. And ads with humor and brand characters are scoring higher than usual since the COVID-19 pandemic started. B2B brands are accelerating towards more creative, empathetic, emotionally-connected marketing to match consumers’ needs for more empathetic ads.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]B2B brands like PremiumBeat increase awareness when they create funny, inspiring, emotionally connecting ads that make people say “that was awesome, I have to share this.”[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]With “The Voice of PremiumBeat.com”, we created Todd, a quirky, hyper-specific, human character to give life to the backstory and communicate this inside joke on a human level. Plus, the storyline allowed us to repeat “PremiumBeat.com” 17 times in less than two minutes. Even if a viewer didn’t reach the end of the video, the brand’s name would still leave a lasting impression.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]


[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]The beauty of creating an ad based on an inside joke is that everybody wanted to share it with their industry friends. And Prem  iumBeat.com didn’t have to spend a cent on advertising. They achieved all of these results organically:[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]30K VIEWS. That might not seem like a lot, but remember we’re talking about a niche audience — there are only 134,700 film producers in the US. With that in mind, it’s plausible that the video reached 22% of the market, for free.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]50x engagement. Before PremiumBeat shared this video on their Facebook page, their average engagement was 7.4 (posts + likes + comments + shares). When they shared this video, their engagement rate soared 50x to 370.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]95% increase in website clicks. Before they released this video, PremiumBeat got an average of 23.4K clicks on their website. A month after the video was released, the clicks increased 40% to 33.1K. And by the end of the year, clicks were up to 48.1k, up by 95%! We’re not saying all those clicks were attributed to the video. But the avalanche of awareness generated by the video couldn’t have hurt.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]The bottom line? Humor and character ads work. Yes, even in B2B.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]The PremiumBeat.com video is funny, specific, and speaks directly to the target audience. When you know who your audience is and what their inside jokes are, you can create videos that your B2B audience can’t help but share.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

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A story-driven product video that shows how Mosaik works without getting explainer-ey.

"Meet Mosaik" uses a huge does of empathy to introduce us to the product and the problems it solves.




A funny brand film? Yep!

Forget boring interviews and shots of people in conference rooms. This is a brand film, done Umault style.

Dell Technologies



We leveraged our many years of pain trying to connect to the internet on the go to write the script for this spot.




In just four months, "The command center," became the most liked video of the year on Deloitte’s channel.

Making supply chain an “edge of your seat” experience

In just four months The command center became the most liked video of the year on Deloitte’s channel.

Making supply chain an "edge of your seat" experience

Deloitte’s Synchronized Planning & Fulfillment (SP&F) team needed a video that would generate interest from prospective clients, leading to conversations and eventually – engagements. They had great whitepapers and sales sheets but nothing really eye-catching. And let’s be honest, supply chain and fulfillment is pretty dry stuff. So how do you get people excited about SP&F? You entertain, not explain. Our strategy and concept revolved around this principle. We wanted to make a short film where SP&F wasn’t the subject, it was the method by which the heroes saved the day. The goal was to make a suspenseful drama for people in the supply chain field. Talk about niche!

"One of the best videos we’ve ever produced. Umault used their creativity to convey our message."

Senior Manager, Deloitte


[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]It’s not a surprise to us that this spot is Deloitte US’s most liked video of the year. People like to be entertained! The video also has 500% MORE VIEWS than their channel's average - all organic![.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]

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James Hardie






Explaining a complex service through emotion

The MassMutual Trust Company equips their 9,000 financial advisors with this video so they can win more customers.

Explaining a complicated offering

Trust services aren’t as easy to understand as, say, life insurance or investment accounts. Trusts can involve multiple elements, and they’re never really simple. The MassMutual Trust Company had assets explaining their services, but needed something that would get prospects interested and – just as important – help MassMutual financial advisors understand what the trust company offers. President of The MassMutual Trust Company, Joe Rokowski, says, “We work primarily through financial advisors as intermediaries. It’s hard to explain what we do to 9,000 advisors across the country.” During our marketing diagnostic, we discovered all of MassMutual’s marketing materials were aimed at people who already knew what a trust company does and why you’d want one. MassMutual was missing a top-of-funnel piece that agitated the need for a trust in the first place.

"The video is a hit with investors and employees. People have commented saying it’s the nicest work we’ve ever created."

Joe Rokowski, President

[.c-title-rich-wrapper][.c-title-rich-portfolio]Inspiring a feeling[.c-title-rich-wrapper][.c-title-rich-portfolio]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]To get high net-worth individuals to feel the need to establish a trust, we needed to step back and understand what a trust really does.Yes, a trust makes sure wealth is preserved, grown and transferred from one party to another in an efficient and effective manner. But relative to the person establishing the trust, it’s handing down their legacy. It’s their life’s work being passed on.MassMutual needed a video that inspired that feeling of legacy in the mind of the target prospect: the high net-worth individual.But how do we inspire someone to make a change, to look after their legacy? One option is fear (“Don’t let your family end up in court after you die!”), or to throw a bunch of data at them (“Did you know that x% of people over the age of 60 with a net worth of over $1mm don’t have a will?”).None of those ideas were right and, frankly, wouldn’t inspire someone to make a change. The target prospect likely knows they should prepare for the inevitable. Our content needed to provide the emotional push to make the phone call. We needed to tell a story – to hit the heartstrings – to make the desire to change feel like it came from inside the prospect, not our video.[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]


[.c-title-rich-wrapper][.c-title-rich-portfolio]Making people remember through feeling[.c-title-rich-wrapper][.c-title-rich-portfolio]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]We started thinking about what a legacy is. Obviously, a trust takes care of the financial and legal parts of your legacy, but that’s often not what people really want to pass down to the next generation. People really want to pass down the ideas and values they hold dear, along with the money.The word “values” started to stick out. We all have them; we all want our kids and grandkids to embody them because we know they work. The video concept began to take form: the story of a dad passing down a magic coin trick—the trick representing his values, the coin representing his wealth. It’s been said that people only remember 5% of what you tell them in a piece of marketing, but most will remember how that piece made them feel.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

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No one quite knows how it’s happened, but being a customer these days isn’t easy. There are returns to deal with. Problems that need to be solved. Fraud to be avoided.

People simply need help. And sometimes it seems that the more a customer needs help, the longer they have to wait for it.

The customers in this ad have had enough. They’re asserting their rights--our right to a better customer experience. And thanks to Nuance- their prayers are answered.

[.c-title-rich-wrapper][.c-title-rich-portfolio]Turns out, when you speak to the concerns of everyday people, you speak to corporate buyers, too.[.c-title-rich-portfolio][.c-title-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]Nuance had amazing mid-funnel and bottom-of-funnel video content. But nothing for cold audiences. We developed a simple brief: we need to show the pain of status quo customer service and introduce Nuance as the solution.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]Everyone can relate to the pain of being on hold for too long, navigating a frustrating menu of options, and wanting to get through to an actual human being.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]By speaking to these frustrations, we created an ad that spoke to Nuance’s target customers: B2B enterprise leaders whose companies (and customers) would benefit from a better customer service experience.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]During the strategy phase of the project, we found that most of Nuance’s competitors had videos that were trying to be everything to everyone throughout the sales funnel. We call these mullet videos.We recommended that Nuance make two spots: [.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]1. An ad to inspire potential customers early in the sales journey [.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]2. An ad to reassure late stage buyers to close the dealIn the first video ad we made, we spoke to genera [.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]Customer service pains most everyone has experienced — and introduced Nuance as the solution. In the second, we talked more about the details: Nuance is flexible, easy to deploy, and secure. [.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]We also created short cutdowns for different use cases to target Nuance’s key industry sectors: telco, retail, and finance.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]


[.c-title-rich-wrapper][.c-title-rich-portfolio]70% more views than any other video ad[.c-title-rich-portfolio][.c-title-rich-wrapper]


[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]The video also ranks in the top 5 based on how much of the ad viewers watched. That means that people want to keep watching — because the content actually resonates.And the feedback they got from customers backed up these stats. Viewers shared that the ad felt true, and like it really represented their own customer experiences.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]SOME PROSPECTS — WHO THEN BECAME CUSTOMERS — EVEN CALLED IT THE BEST VIDEO AD NUANCE HAD EVER LAUNCHED.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]Nuance was also acquired by Microsoft two months after the spot went live. Coincidence? We think not.*But the other win — a win we see all the time when companies dare to produce something creative — was a boost in company culture and pride. Nuance team members were excited to share the spots with family and friends. One employee said, “Now people actually understand what I do!”Got an idea in your head that seems a little “out there” for B2B? Don’t be so quick to throw it out. It might just lead to high engagement, lower than average cost per click, and better talent retention. The moral of the story? Creative “risks” might be a lot less risky than the status quo. In video ads, creativity pays off.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]


[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]Jonathon Dreyer, Vice President, Solutions Marketing at Nuance[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

[.c-text-rich-wrapper][.c-text-rich-portfolio]*Our buzzkill lawyers tell us it is, in fact, a coincidence.[.c-text-rich-portfolio][.c-text-rich-wrapper]

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