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The best B2B ads of 2023

Looking for the best B2B ads of 2024?

B2B video ads keep getting better and better, and 2023 is shaping up to be a great year for B2B ads. 

The bar is rising for B2B companies trying to make a splash with video ads. Here are the best B2B ads so far in 2023 for inspiration.

Upwork - This is how we work now

Zombie bosses telling you to rethink work? Breaking out into song? Yes, please. The spot fully drives home the point that the old way of working (full time employees in a single office) is dead, and was just made up anyway. 

I’m getting Quentin Tarantino vibes, which is not a sentence I ever thought I’d write about a B2B campaign. 

The full campaign features additional short spots that feature more of Upwork’s specific benefits.

Hubspot - Win the Wild West of business with Hubspot CRM

I am so thrilled that Hubspot brought Kathryn Hahn back for another campaign. Last year she was a pirate; this year, a cowboy. 

The spots express Hubspot benefits in a funny and engaging way. Plus the team created vertical spots for TikTok and Reels, one of the few B2B examples I’ve seen that made something new instead of repurposing a horizontal video.

Slingshot - Time to take control

When you think about biomarker controls for flow cytometry… wait, I know you don’t think about biomarker controls for flow cytometry. But it doesn’t matter when you watch this fun commercial for Slingshot Biosciences. 

Everyone can relate to the feeling of winging it or relying on luck during an important event. We all want the feeling of confidence instead. Finding universal themes takes a B2B ad from boring to blah.

(Like this one? I highly recommend the agency that made it.)

Squarespace - Singularity

We picked this spot as one of our favorite Super Bowl ads of 2023. Adam Driver is perfectly cast as someone having an existential crisis about “a website that makes websites.” 

And Squarespace manages to repeat their value prop over and over without sounding salesy. 

Workday - Rockstar  

We love a celebrity appearance in B2B ads, and this commercial (another Super Bowl spot) brings in five of them. While the premise is a little silly — is anyone really that bothered by calling someone a “rock star” at work? — it’s still a fun and memorable spot.

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