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The best B2B ads of 2022

2022 is shaping up to be an excellent year for B2B advertising. We’ve gathered up the best B2B ads of 2022 (so far). 

This post will be updated as the year goes on. Did we miss something great? Email us at hello (at) umault.com.

Hubspot - A Smooth CRM for Rough Seas

It’s rare that a B2B ad makes you want more. This 60 second spot could have been a longer piece and I would have kept watching. Honestly, I'd watch a whole series of pirate Kathryn Hahn telling me about CRMs. 

Luckily for me, there’s a great suite of spots accompanying the main one to create a complete campaign.

One of our top rules for creating engaging B2B commercials is to get out of the office. A pirate ship certainly checks that box.

Gong - Super Bowl commercial

When you are investing in a Super Bowl spot, you want to make sure people remember your brand. Here’s a great way to be memorable: Make the spot center around your name! 

It’s impossible to forget who made this spot (unlike with so many other Super Bowl commercials) because only one brand could be “the one with the gongs.”

Squarespace - Sally Seashells

Witty copy? Check. Beautiful cinematography and production design? Check. Fabulous celebrity? Check. This spot for Squarespace has it all. 

Showing the power of a great website through a playful story, the ad shows the small business owner their desired end state and how Squarespace can get them there. 

Deloitte x NVIDIA - The wait is over

The default creative for a commercial about an AI solution would have shots of eyes looking at computer screens and animated nodes appearing over a city. Deloitte and NVIDIA took a different route, telling a story of how AI shortcuts innovation. 

This spot works because it empathizes with the prospect’s problem while making them feel not alone.

(Like this one? I know who made it.)

LinkedIn - Welcome, Professionals

One of the biggest positives to come out of 2020 was a growing acceptance of healthy work-life boundaries. LinkedIn seizes on this sentiment by encouraging viewers to expand their definition of “professional.” 

The Great Resignation has continued into 2022, and we will continue to see people leave jobs that don’t encourage them to bring their whole selves to work. This spot is a perfect example of how to connect your brand to a broader trend and mood. 

Commercetools - The Naysayer's Excuses

We love using personification to help explain a complex idea. In this spot, Commercetools personifies legacy tech as the naysayer in a meeting, holding your team back from bigger and better things. It's perfect casting for curmudgeon Will Arnett.

I'm noticing a theme of celebrity casting this year in B2B. It's a great way to stand out from the animated explainers and make a memorable spot.

Flock Freight - How Much is a F**kload?

Let me get this straight. A logistics company got Steve from the original Blue's Clues to investigate shipping load sizing using no shortage of four letter words? Um, yes. I am here for that.

This spot continues the celebrity trend of 2022. And as we love to remind folks, millennials are often the ones making B2B purchasing decisions (or at least part of the committee). A funny appeal to their sense of nostalgia is a great way to make a branding splash.

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