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B2B video advertising explained

Congratulations, and welcome to the B2B video advertising club!

This article aims to arm you with some insights before you set out to make a B2B video ad campaign. We've been doing this for a while and have learned a lot the hard way. So, enough of my yacking. Let's go on with the insights!

Insight #1: No one WANTS to watch video ads

This is the most critical insight. You read it correctly: no one wants to watch video ads. So many marketers (including us back in the day) assume their audience is interested in their commercial.

That's not the case.

Need proof?

Do you watch every YouTube preroll ad in its entirety, or do you skip after 5 seconds?

Even the best ads in the world are skipped.

Understanding this key concept will help you better filter campaign strategies and concepts. By assuming audience apathy, you'll grow campaigns that are more resilient and inherently interesting.

Insight #2: Step out of the advertising paradigm when evaluating creative

This is a mistake I used to make all the time. I would compare my concepts to ads that are out there on "best of" lists. This sounds logical, but it warps your thinking.

When you're inside the advertising paradigm, you're inside a world where people love advertising. The writers of the "best of" articles and the viewers driving clicks are all in the ad business.

But you know who isn't? (in most cases, at least)

Your audience!

Your audience doesn't care what spot won at Cannes, and they definitely don't know Umault got nominated for a Webby for "Googleheimer." (yep, shameless plug)

You need to get all that noise out of your head and think exclusively about what will resonate with your audience. The goal is not to make a great ad but to make something great for your audience.

Insight #3: Just do it

Here's the secret about B2B video advertising and marketing: most of it doesn't work!

You're going to make some duds. As the saying goes, " They can't all be winners!"

Just like pharmaceutical researchers use the scientific method to test and refine before they bring a new drug to market – you need to constantly test and refine your approach.


Because no two audiences are similar, what worked for Company A will not work for Company B. Even when two companies are in the same category, each brand will need its own unique proprietary marketing mix.

So, think of your campaigns as constant tests. You'll find that each test is more and more successful. Once you land on a great formula, keep testing because, eventually, that formula will no longer work.

Just do it - launch. Don't get too precious about any one campaign.

B2B video advertising takes time

Keep in mind that the best brands play the long game. I know we're all under pressure to bring in leads…NOW – but it's our job as marketers to build and grow a successful brand – and that doesn't happen overnight.

Stay patient, test, and keep learning. Eventually, you'll get to a place where you'll have fans of your video ads!





Picture of Guy bauer, founder of umault

Guy has been making commercial videos for over 20 years and is the author of “Death to the Corporate Video: A Modern Approach that Works.” He started the agency in 2010 after a decade of working in TV, film and radio. He’s been losing hair and gaining weight ever since.

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